Reach/Wifi ? Also what is the most current update version?

I plan to use Reach out in the field far from a wifi source and my phone is not setup to be a hotspot. Even if it was most locations I will be going do not even have cell service. Can I just use the Reach hotspot to use the Reachview app?

Yes, you should be able to… I can.

Yes, you can use it that way. Actually, yesterday we have been flight testing Reach with an autopilot and I was able to have connection to ReachView within approximately 25 meters.

If Reach does not see a familiar network it will switch to hotspot mode and ReachView will always be on .

Most current version and related changelogs are listed here.

I was worried that if I set the wifi to my home router I would be prohibited from using from using the reach hotspot out in the field. All is good and working well so far!!


Is there a way to get notified once reachview version gets updated.
I see i have been working on an older one (0.2.2).

@TB_RTK yes, we are working on auto-notification. Every time Reach would have internet access it will check for the new version and notify the user. The feature should be released in one of the future updates.

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