Reach view 3 - no receiver connected

I am trying to connect my M+ using wifi. my phone is connected to the reach M+ network but I keep getting “no receiver connected” on the Reach viewer app. any idea why?

Hi @kubar,

I got an idea of what can happen here :sweat_smile:

When your device is connected to Reach’s Wi-Fi, do you have mobile data turned on? If so, try turning it off to check the difference.

Also, does the blue LED blink or stay solid? This behavior shows whether the unit is connected to the Wi-Fi or broadcasts its own network. So, what this essentially intends to check is whether you’re connected to the same network as Reach.

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Hi @polina.buriak,
I tried turning mobile data off and still I’m getting the no device connected message
The blue LED is solid
anything else I can do to make it work?

By the way, I managed to connect the M+ from my browser, but still not from the reach viewer

thanks for trying to help!


Right, this got unexpected quickly. Solid blue LED means that the unit does in fact broadcast its own network.

Do you catch the same issue if working with another phone? As I understand, the connection via the IP works without any issues, correct?

Also, can you please specify what device (phone, tablet) you’re working with?

correct the connection via the IP works without any issues.

I have tried with 2 phones, one is redmi note 8 and the other is LG (I’m not sure what is the specific model)

Hi @kubar,

Hmm, this is quite a result. I’ll need to discuss this with our devs to check out what might be the reason. Give me a bit of time to come back.


Hi @kubar,

Here I am with a few more questions. Thanks for your patience!

  1. Can you please check the behavior with any of the external Wi-Fi networks? You can connect the unit via the Reach Panel to it. This will help us to narrow down the possible reasons for the issue.

  2. Do you have an iOS device to try with Reach, by chance? Just to exclude the possibility of some rare Android bug.

  3. Also, as you’ve tried to access the unit with two different devices, it can as well be necessary to check the unit itself. Can you please share the Full System Report from it with me? As it contains sensitive data, it’s better to do it via or my PMs.

Hi @kubar,

How is it going? Did you have a chance to take a look at the suggestions?

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