Reach v2.2.6 Rover will not auto connect to hotspot

Firmware image and ReachView version is v2.2.6 on both the Base and the Rover

I have my Reach Base and Rover working very well.

However, as I am testing in my office, I have the Base working close to my Rover on my desk.
The antennas are about 2m apart located on the same metal roof on the building, with excellent vision to the sky and surrounding area.
I am using the hotspot setting on the Base and connecting the Rover to the Base for corrections, using WiFi and the in-built hotspot that is available on v2.2.6.
I am using the std settings for RTK on both the Base and the Rover and can see usually about 20 satellites.
The Rover has logging ON for NMEA 1Hz

1st Problem
First of all, my Rover does obtain a FIX, but it only seems to hold it for an hour or so before it changes to FLOAT for many hours. Sometimes (not often) the Rover re obtains FIX on its own, but again only for a short period before returning to FLOAT mode again.
At the same time, I have the Base set up (as above) and it is sort of in a loop with itself for the corrections, but it is always staying on FIX and never miss a beat, day in day out.
Remember the Base and the Rover are in the same room but the antennas are separated by 2m.

Question 1
If the Base has a stable FIX and is outputting the corrections via its hotspot to the Rover that is in the same room, then why is the Rover mostly on FLOAT and dropping out of FIX.

Other, I notice when I re power both the Base and the Rover that within minutes they are both in FIX mode again and about an hour latter the Rover drops back to FLOAT again and so on.

Second Problem
After my setup above has been running and in either FIX or FLOAT mode, When I turn OFF the Rover and repower it again, the Rover fails to automatically reconnect to the Base Hotspot.
I have to log onto the Rover using the local WiFi and then manually reconnect to the Base before it receives the corrections from the base again.

Why doesn’t the Rover reconnect to the Base hotspot on a reboot automatically?

Thanks to anyone who has the time to look at this for me.


Hi Cameron,

If you could please share log files (.ubx, .rtcm3 and .llh solution from the rover and .ubx from the base) where the issue with losing fixed solution is clearly visible we will be able to try to spot the issue.

When you looped in the base into itself you have created zero-baseline conditions, it is natural to have constant fix this way as all errors are zeroed.

Does it connect to your home Wi-Fi?