Reach User Interface?

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Thanks for doing this product that seems to be awesome. Providing this kind of performance at such a low price is really nice!!!

Anyway I’m not exactly a programmer but a land surveyor. I couldn’t find any precise information of how you can configure the base station and rover, and how I can get positions from the rover. Will there be a Web Interface? Will it be necessary to plug a computer on the Reach card? I find your product nice, but there is barely no how-to information in the “Docs” section.

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Yes, there will be a web user interface accessible via Wi-Fi. We are actively working on the documentation and will publish it in a few days :smile:

Thanks! Anyway I had found the answer before you answered :-s

But that would have been a good idea to state it somewhere clearly :wink:

If I book a kit now, when will I probably receive it (I’m in France). Which model of radio would be good in your opinion if I don’t want to get the RTK through the Internet?

Oh, last question? How much flash memory is there in the computer?


If you place an order now, closest shipping date is approximately late December, we are manufacturing this batch now. There are already many orders for December, but devices are still available for that date.

Any radio with UART interface will work, just pick one that complies with local regulations.

There is 4GB of flash, 1GB available for logs. The logs partition might be extended in the future. You can always connect an external drive over USB :grinning:

Fine thank you :slight_smile: