Reach support for IRNSS

Being an Indian, I’m curious to know whether Reach supports our own IRNSS (NaViC) constellation in the present version or in the near future. I had explored in the RTKLIB downloaded in the EMLID website, it supports L5 band and IRNSS. So if processing software supports IRNSS, the REACH also should support.

While RTKLIB supports IRNSS, Reach’s internal receiver can not track IRNSS satellites, so, unfortunately, the answer is no.

Thanks for the answer. If I change the reciever to a one which has capability of getting L5, will the Reach module supports it?

If by “receiver” you mean “antenna,” then no, it will not help.
If by “receiver” you mean the GNSS receiver chip, then no, because you would be modifying the Reach module and that would not be supported. It would be impractical, difficult and you would have to support yourself. It would be nice though! Maybe someday in the future we will get L5.

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