Reach stops working after 4-8 hours


I have a Reach kit (base and rover).

Base is working days without any problem.

Rover stop after a few hours (4-8 hours); wifi connection lost, Led off (no flashing, no light)
Reboot is required to restart the rover ( power off, power on with RTCM correction off; the powering Radio Correction ON; still a bug in reboot procedure?)
Using image 1.2 and ReachAppView v0.4.6

Any clue to resoilve this issue; I need to use the rover during a time 8-12 hour time frame without reboot as I want to used it in a agriculture precision project.



  1. What is your power source for the Reach rover?
  2. What is the rated output of the power source (amperes)?
  3. Is the radio powered through Reach or separately?

Hi Bide

1.: Stabilized 5V
2. 5A
3. separately

The base has exactely the same power source.

The Rover “failure” appears after hours of usage.

Is there any log (not data log) where I can find some process (error/warning) messages?

Is this reproducible? Could you please upload a picture of the setup?

2016-08-01_17-02-16.pdf (392.0 KB)

here is the rover config.

i cannot say that it is really reproducible as far as I don’t know why it “crashes”.
I can just tell you that it occurs generaly after some hours of working.

the base and rover are connected on the same power supply; so we can raisonnably exclude it as the cause of the problem.

Is it related to which unit is in rover mode? If you swap the units will the same crash after several hours or the one that is configured as rover?