Reach stays on single solution, no float/fixed

hey there,

Got the reach yesterday, put a couple 5x5" steel ground planes under each antenna, and been trying to get a float/fix solution to no avail.

configuration is pretty much default, base sending all messages, rover ublox mode is gps_glonass_5ghz. correction data being sent over tcp/wifi.

I am getting good snr on many satellites but the solution is always single - not once have I gotten float or fixed. what’s wrong?

example screenshot:

quick update - I downgraded to the v1.1 reach/edison image and am now getting floating solutions and even fix here and there. seems like there is something in the 1.2 that is making float/fix problematic.

This seems related to:

We will investigate.


I’ve tried to recreate the situation on the latest ReachView version with no success. Do you mind posting the base config screenshot? Also, did you fiddle with any of the advanced settings on the rover?

Can you confirm that if you flash v1.2 after that you are not able to get float?

It seems we found the cause of your troubles. Could you please verify that this solution works for you?