Reach serial output problem

Ok, and laptop serial is also RS-232…? I think it’s same situation with that guidance terminals serial port too.

Are there any UART - RS232 converters that will work with Reach, or USB - RS232 converters to that can be connected to Reach usb port ?

So in the end what you want to do is to have Reach communicating to guidance terminal which has RS232 port?

In that case I would suggest you to get a UART to RS232 converter, they should be easy to find. You can post here a link of the model that you can purchase and I will check the specs for compatibility.

Yes, Reach will replace original gps receiver.

Is this ok?

Yes, it should do.

If you could share a little more about your project and overall impression about Reach RTK I will appreciate it, maybe in a different thread.

Thank you very much for your help.

I will open new topic when I have little more to tell. Now waiting better weather for base station installation and rover testing with ATV.

I have a problem with the serial output on the reach module.
I am using a usb to uart bridge to read the data stream. (cp2102-cb
I can read NMEA data from the device, but after a short while the stream stops or the data that comes in the stream are not walid. (gives only zeroes or nothing at all).
I would expect the output to be the same as showing in the web interface. Is there some setting i have missed or something else I should be avare of?

I experience the same thing when using tcp stream to google maps. The stream is not constant even when i can see the antenna is moving in the reach web interface.

Thank you in advance for helping.

Which version are you on?

I’m using CP2102
Updated the reach module to version 1.2

Data output from reach module on serial.

Same data from reach web interface.

You have no gps solution (status - ), this is why there is no data in NMEA stream. Coordinates on the web interface are probably not updated since last time you had a solution.

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Hy Victor
can you post a picture of the connection between the usb to uart adn reach device ?



Hi Francesco,

Here is the picture as requested.

Thank you, that explained a lot.
Is it possible to send the raw data to the serial interface? I can not see that it is an option.

Ciao Victor
thx very much for sharing image … but I’m a little bit frustrating … I’m a simple geologist not an electrical engineering

Igor do you think is it possible to receive from Emlid a “cable” plug and play into reach to output nmea and / or raw data to external application because until now I’m not able to use the reach at 100%

sorry for this conversation


You can set a raw data log to serial device

This is what we are using most of the time and it is widely available. But we don’t know much about your application, so can’t give advice whether it is suitable.

This device can be used to make Reach’s UART console connectable to a computer with a USB port.

Hi Francesco,

You can use this cable to connect to the serial output. It does the same thing as the board I use.

I’m going to implement the rover into a moving GPR antenna and grabbing the data stream from the serial output with an FPGA. I also have 915mHz radio link connected to the same serial port.

Got everything working now, the only thing I’m still missing is the PPS.


my application is very simple (I Hope) just receive on my laptop the nemea or raw data of reach device using application like arcgis or collector for argis to acquire kinematic trajectory that after I can post process using rinex from network present in my area of work.



CP2102 should be sufficient