REACH RTK works only with Internet?

hello, friends, live Brazil and I’m buying a REACH RTK, my doubt is this system works only with 3G signal? thank you


3G signal is not required for Reach to work.

hello, and how to collect the data? You have to buy a separate collector?
or is an app?

Reach comes with an onboard web-app ReachView.

which the maximum distance between the base and the rover? It works on radio frequency? How many channels?

We recommend to use Reach in Kinematic mode up to 10km. In Static mode the distance may be longer, up to 100km.

Two Reach modules can be connected using:

  1. UART or USB radios such as 3DR Radio, RFD900 etc
  2. WiFi hotspot on your phone or a portable 3G\4G WiFi router.

the collected files can be processed in any program?
You can process data in topcon program tools?

The format is RINEX, which is inter-exchangeable. If Topcon Tools has no vendor-lock built-in then yes.

and as you download this file on your computer?
I’m sorry so many questions.

It can be downloaded over web interface like described here:

Friend, I live in Brazil want to buy one for their own use, so I can be testing the product, you can not give me a discount? I intend to sell your product so do the same test.

In July it was at a better price tava at $ 499

@Jeferson_Camilo if you would like to become a dealer please send an email with the request to