Reach RTK module availability

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thanks for clarification about Ublox NEO-M8N RTKLIB compatibility

@mikhail.avkhimenia Thanks for the clarification on how the Reach can be powered, but according to the description (and picture), the DF13 port only has 7 pins, but it seems it should have 8 given the functions listed (UART-2, I2C-2 GPIO-1 PPM-1 GND?-1 PWR?-1). Can you post a pinout? Also, what will the voltage range of the power input on the DF13 be?

Any update on when it might be available? I would be willing to purchase the hardware before the software is ready. I’m experienced with development on the Edison, so I will probably customize the software anyway.

Are there any plans to equip the Navio with the M8T module? Are they pin compatible?


Hi, we’ve met on Intel Communities a few times, great to see you on our forum. That’s a prototype on the picture, not a final design. And the description is a little bit outdated too. The pinout is: 2 pins for UART, 2 pins for I2C, 2 GND pins, 1 GPIO, 1 EXTINT, 1 VIN (4.75-5.25V). We hope to launch orders till the end of April.


They are pin compatible and we’ve been thinking about that. The problem is that M8T is much more expensive and we don’t want to raise Navio price. Maybe we’ll make a version with it in the future.


it’s and of April :> how obout some orders. Do you have any success?? I’m very interested about your Reach product.

Do you have plans to use also L2/L2C frequency?


Just a few more days and we’ll launch preorders.
L2 may be possible in the future (if U-blox releases L2 upgrade or new receiver).


thanks for fast reply. Are you able to give estimated time from preorder to Reach on my desk?? :>:>

I would be very happy to give it a try.


Is the Reach going to be able to output IMU orientation and rotation rates?

Yes, it has built-in 9DOF IMU (MPU9250).


As soon as the campaign is finished it will take 30 days for production plus a couple of weeks for logistics. Current expectation for shipping is the end of July.

I have a few questions before purchase a Reach module.

-Does it compute the lever arm between GPS antenna and the IMU unit? If it does not, is possible to log the raw data from the IMU with the GPS time stamps to do it myself? My setup is a IMU on gyrostabilzed gimbal away from the GPS antenna so on wind flights could be a crab angle between GPS head and IMU head. I suppose that it compute position and attitude at high rate to get at some event triggers for cameras syncro.

-Can we use Edison outside Reach? Like on Sparkfun Edison compatible boards, etc.

Congratulations the Reach is a good idea for many people who wait for a low cost geo-position.


Hi! It does not compute the lever at the moment, but you can easily log the IMU data if you need it.
Edison can be easily detached from the Reach mainboard for another usage.

I’m curious about how the system is going to perform when it loses an RTK fix for whatever reason (urban canyon, tree cover, multipath) for several minutes and then regains RTK fix. Does the fact that you’re fusing data from the IMU allow it to approximate the position better than the single-point solution given by the M8T alone?

I realize that a) you may not have had a chance to evaluate this, b) it’s hard to quantify, and c) uBlox devices are really good by themselves. I’m just wondering if in the above situation would you suddenly see a jump in the position.

IMU data is not fused with the coordinates yet, this might be implemented in the future. You would probably see a change in the coordinates due to switching to a float solution, but it is not likely to be worse than standalone gps performance.

I suggest you clarify this in your Indiegogo page. I think some people might not understand this.
Regardless, will the Edison be running an EKF with the raw MPU-9250 sensor data to output Euler angles?

Not exactly an EKF, but we will run a filter that will output Euler angles.

It would be amazing if you could do this:


Agreed, looks really cool. Should be doable with Reach, considering that all sensors are there and plenty of processing power is left.

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When will you be making the API available for review?

Hi guys, I have just purchased 2 of your reach units. Very excited about your technology. I also own a pair of Piksi RTK GPS units and unfortunately the code writers are taking a while to make these systems stable. Would it be possible for you to post a video of your Reach units powering up and obtaining RTK lock?

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