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Reach RTK module availability

(Mikhail) #13


Yes, Reach can act either as a rover or as a base station.

(Brian Webb) #14

How is the reach powered? Is it only powered by USB, or is there a connector to hook up and external power source? It would be nice to have the latter for embedded applications that did not hook up to USB.

(Dan Murray) #15

Is there a primer anywhere on how the RTK setup works? Specifically, what is required, and where? Would like to get a better understanding of how the system as a whole works, especially with regard to RTKLIB.

(No Peppermint) #16

@dmurray14 for information about RTKLIB look at the emlid documentation


and the RTKLIB Manual

(Stephen Gloor) #17


Sorry one more question. Does the Navio+ GPS support RTK and be used with a Reach Base station?

If not I guess it is a no-brainer that the Navio+ will support the Reach input so it can have RTK positioning.

(No Peppermint) #18

as mention here http://www.emlid.com/navio-new-hat-compliant-navio-video/
the Ublox m8n receiver is supported by RTKLIB.

Navio+ as well as Reach are based on the Ublox m8n receiver.

Therefore Navio+ and Reach are both supported by RTKLIB.

So technically (in my opinion) there is no reason why you couldn’t use a Navio+ Rover with a Reach Base station connected over an RF Link.

If you like to get a deeper comprehension I suggest to read the the documentation I mention above!


M8N raw messages are not officially supported or documented by u-blox. So RTKLIB does not officially support M8N. RTKLIB only supports just UBX-TRK-MEAS and UBX-TRK-SFRBX messages (since 2.4.2 p8). Actually, I confirmed they are obtained by NEO-M8N F/W 2.01. However, I’m not sure other modules or further F/W versions. Please use them in your own risk.

(Mikhail) #20


Reach can be powered either over USB or DF13 port.


Reach in RTK setup works pretty much the same way as other RTK receivers. You either need 2 Reach modules connected to each other over radio\network or you can use one module with corrections from the internet.

@Stephen_Gloor @No_Peppermint

Yes, GPS receiver in Navio+ is capable of providing raw data unofficially. However, it is limited to 1Hz on GPS+GLONASS and 5-10Hz on GPS only. So Navio+ can be used with some limitations.

Reach will be equipped with NEO-M8T, which is the official raw data receiver from Ublox. It outputs GPS+GLONASS raw data with a proper rate.

(No Peppermint) #21

@mikhail.avkhimenia @tomoji_takasu
thanks for clarification about Ublox NEO-M8N RTKLIB compatibility

(Brian Webb) #22

@mikhail.avkhimenia Thanks for the clarification on how the Reach can be powered, but according to the description (and picture), the DF13 port only has 7 pins, but it seems it should have 8 given the functions listed (UART-2, I2C-2 GPIO-1 PPM-1 GND?-1 PWR?-1). Can you post a pinout? Also, what will the voltage range of the power input on the DF13 be?

Any update on when it might be available? I would be willing to purchase the hardware before the software is ready. I’m experienced with development on the Edison, so I will probably customize the software anyway.

(Martin) #23

Are there any plans to equip the Navio with the M8T module? Are they pin compatible?

(Mikhail) #24


Hi, we’ve met on Intel Communities a few times, great to see you on our forum. That’s a prototype on the picture, not a final design. And the description is a little bit outdated too. The pinout is: 2 pins for UART, 2 pins for I2C, 2 GND pins, 1 GPIO, 1 EXTINT, 1 VIN (4.75-5.25V). We hope to launch orders till the end of April.


They are pin compatible and we’ve been thinking about that. The problem is that M8T is much more expensive and we don’t want to raise Navio price. Maybe we’ll make a version with it in the future.

(Maciej Ł ) #25


it’s and of April :> how obout some orders. Do you have any success?? I’m very interested about your Reach product.

Do you have plans to use also L2/L2C frequency?


(Mikhail) #26

Just a few more days and we’ll launch preorders.
L2 may be possible in the future (if U-blox releases L2 upgrade or new receiver).

(Maciej Ł ) #27


thanks for fast reply. Are you able to give estimated time from preorder to Reach on my desk?? :>:>

I would be very happy to give it a try.


(Nikola Rabchevsky) #28

Is the Reach going to be able to output IMU orientation and rotation rates?

(Igor Vereninov) #29

Yes, it has built-in 9DOF IMU (MPU9250).

(Mikhail) #30


As soon as the campaign is finished it will take 30 days for production plus a couple of weeks for logistics. Current expectation for shipping is the end of July.

(Francisco) #31

I have a few questions before purchase a Reach module.

-Does it compute the lever arm between GPS antenna and the IMU unit? If it does not, is possible to log the raw data from the IMU with the GPS time stamps to do it myself? My setup is a IMU on gyrostabilzed gimbal away from the GPS antenna so on wind flights could be a crab angle between GPS head and IMU head. I suppose that it compute position and attitude at high rate to get at some event triggers for cameras syncro.

-Can we use Edison outside Reach? Like on Sparkfun Edison compatible boards, etc.

Congratulations the Reach is a good idea for many people who wait for a low cost geo-position.

(Mikhail) #32


Hi! It does not compute the lever at the moment, but you can easily log the IMU data if you need it.
Edison can be easily detached from the Reach mainboard for another usage.