Reach RTK for Beach survey

Hi Everyone,

I’m exploring another application of Reach RTK in the field of beach survey. We want to measure beach levels using Reach RTK (base and rover setup) with high precision. But, I doubt how to measure the beach levels w.r.t to a standard height (base or MSL). Can anyone help me in understanding this concept. How to post process the data to get the data.


Reach can do the job.
But i am not sure what level of knownledge you have to process this and tools you have available.
Do you have an example of job to be done? or purpose.

Thanks for the response
I do have some background knowledge of processing Trimble RTK GPS data but it was a commercial software which did all the job for me.

After go through some discussions in this forum, now I’m confident that it is more easy to do with Reack RTK.

I’m planning to have a set of Reach for this study. Do you have some idea how the rover and base raw data can be processed to get a fairly accurate position+level (z dir). data.

thanks once again

Are you gonna collect many points or just a few?
Is it distance relative from one point to another or absolute ?
If you can place base over a known point and use static rover, its easy to start and stop logging for each point and open them later with rtklib or if you want to read them of directly with mobile topographer.
Emlid is working on COGO features to make this step easier.

Actually, we want to measure a profile across the beach i.e. beach height w.r.t MSL. In such case how can we take point by point along the profile. We want to cover many points.

In that case, i would usemobil topograher pro. It has terrain feature to log this kind of profile.
Or use mobile and survey as normal and save them as point into list.
Anyways, its fully doable