Reach RTK for a yard-mapping system


I’m a newbie in RTK so forgive me in advance.

We are planning to buy two Reach RS for our Yard-Mapping system but I need your advice about our approach.
We will deploy the Base at the top of the crane and the Rover will be put at the top of a Truck, the question is can Reach RS maintain its good accuracy when it’s being blocked by a stack of metal containers?

Here’s an image of what we have in mind.


I honestly think that any GNSS solution will struggle with precision in those conditions (lots of large metal surface for signal multipath, heavy machinery emitting RF noise, tall structures), also the very expensive ones.

I think you are entering Total Station territory for most of the spots near the containers in that picture.

That’s going to be tough and most likely unreliable. I would buy a drone. I could fly that in about 15 minutes and give you all the points you could ever need. Plus an actual visual map that can be annotated.

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