Reach RTK finally shipping!

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Dear Friends,

Emlid Team is really happy to announce that all Indiegogo perks and website pre-orders for October have been finally shipped today! Last few months we worked very hard to make Reach RTK a reality and we wouldn’t be here without your support. We sincerely apologize for the delay in production.

By now you should have received an email with a tracking number. It will only indicate Reach modules and antennas quantity in content of the parcel, but rest assured that every Reach module comes with DF13 and USB wires as it was stated in our campaign.

We have just published an initial version of the docs. Please read through it before using the device. Documentation will be constantly improved and you can contribute by opening an issue in Reach docs GitHub repository or even sending a pull-request with suggested edit.

It is very important that Reach View app is developed in an open way, its source code is available in Reach View GitHub repository.

Thank you for sending us so many great project ideas, please keep them coming! We are really glad that there are commercial and humanitarian projects starting that will use Reach for positioning. Reach RTK opens new applications for high precision positioning by significantly lowering the price range.

Emlid community forum is a great place to tell about your project or to ask any questions about Reach RTK.

We have quite a list of features planned, that will come with regular software updates. Mostly we were focused on backend to make sure that all main features are handled, but we intend to improve user interface and general looks of the app as well as provide smooth integrations with other devices. Now that you have hardware in your hands functionality will only get better.

Emlid will also work to ensure constant availability of Reach RTK modules. Due to high demand we are sold out until late December, but we are scaling up production to keep up. You can get additional modules here.

Here is Reach getting RTK fix, all configured using Reach View according to our quickstart, solution output over TCP.

Once again, a big Thank You for supporting us on an early stage and for your patience.

Great news, can we download the app now ?

Reach View is a web app, you connect to Reach over Wi-Fi and open it in your browser. There is no need to download it. More here.

I finally got the shipping notification of the reach I ordered. One question I have is if you guys will be doing some kind of walk-though on how to use the data from reach to geotag pictures. From what I understand through the emails I have exchanged with you Igor is that Reach was made in mind to make geotagging easy. So will you guys have an application? or could you provide us with some kind of walk-through? In my case I will be logging the data from reach and will be post processing.

Also from what I understand is that reach allows you to save camera trigger events? How do we get these events logged? How to we get pictures geotagged using the events logged? How to we connect the camera to the event port?


Thank you for purchasing Reach!

We definitely want to make geotagging as easy as possible and have an integration plan. Currently time marks are already being logged, but there is no user-friendly way to extract them from the logs. This is why we are working on the following steps:

  1. Add time marks support to Rinex converter. As soon as they are in Rinex, you can already use commercial GNSS post processing software to calculate coordinates of the marks.
  2. Add support for time-marks processing to RTKLIB, so that you can get a list of coordinates from FOSS RTKLIB. That will require adding interpolation of coordinates to RTKLIB.

On the hardware side of things, you will need to connect your camera flash sync pulse (depends on the model of your camera how to access it) to event pin on Reach. Pinout.