Reach RTK base and rover communication


I am new to Reach and I am attempting to setup my two RTK modules with one base and one rover, but they do not seem to be communicating/connected as I am not seeing any grey bars on the status tab and the solution status remains Single. I have been following the Quickstart guide and using TCP for the output path and corrections input. The LED for each module don’t emit red so I would assume it doesn’t have to do with the hardware.

Any advice or help would be appreciated!

Below I have a link to a zip file with screenshots of the rover and base configuration settings. The IP address for the base is and the rover is


Hi Joe,
I have made a very simple Tuto by Screenshots in 4 Steps here :
I hope that it can help you !
For Rover in RTK Settings Set GLONASS AR mode to ON, the Fixed solution will be more faster…

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Hi @jwin18,

Hope the guide made by @Zinou helped you with configurations.

I just want to point out that it’s better not using the internal Reach Wi-Fi for TCP communication, as its range is short and isn’t designed for such use-case.

I tried setting up with that configuration, but I still am having issues connecting to the IP address of the rover. I’m connected to the base Wi-Fi but I can’t connect the rover to it (reach:0a:0d). I’m not sure if there’s still something I’m still doing wrong but would it just be better to try a different output path or reflash the devices?

The link shows the error messages when I search the IP address as well as the network I can find when I search on Fing.

I think that The IP adress for the base is
I see that your version of Reachview is v2.11.0
You can make an update to v2.16.2


I don’t recommend you using Reach hotspot for TCP link between base and rover. The range of Reach Wi-Fi is too small to use it for RTK.

Please connect both Reach devices to any other Wi-Fi network. This guide should help you with that.

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