Reach RS2 with HxGN SmartNet

Hi, just wanted to inquire as to folks’ experience using the Reach RS2 with SmartNet NTRIP connection. I don’t see Emlid under their list of supported receivers but can see that they support RTCM3 corrections, as does the RS2. I just want to make sure I’ll be able to use my local network base station if I go ahead with ordering the RS2. Thanks!

Definitely a question to ask the provider. We are on RTKNET in TX/OK and they have a separate plan for RTCM as their base network provides the RTX Trimble format.

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I can confirm that the HxGN SmartNet Network RTK correction service works with the RS2 receiver, at least for me here in Texas. I went to their website and requested a trial period, which they promptly gave to me on the same day, a 10 day trial to the service. I tested it with the RS2 and I was pleased with the results, so I purchased an yearly subscription. They also offer a data plan, but for now I just use my phone’s mobile hotspot and then use a tablet as the data collector. Of course it is only as good as your cell service, which can be quite spotty in my area of Texas because of the hills. Recently I had run into a difficult cell service area on a job I was working on, but I was able to shoot a control point with the service and then set up a RS2 Base to then send corrections to the Rover via the LoRa connection. Regards, Mark


Thanks very much, this helps! Good to know they have a trial period to test the waters.

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Late to the party, but I thought I add information I wish I knew. We use HxGN Smartnet up in Maryland. The customer service e-mail is great, although the set-up and Q&A portions of their Troubleshooting website are lacking. Service, reliability, and consistency, it is great.

We requested a SIM card with our service. If you are doing that, request what size you need as they will send you a full SIM with no cut-outs as default. Also, it’s an (IoT) SIM, which did not work in the Emlid but worked just fine as a hotspot generator in a cell phone.


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