Reach RS2 timing error

Hello, first time here, but long time user of such applications.
I have the RS2 and i am getting an odd error in the rinex.22O file. The data is not coming out in perfect one second interval segments, but rather seems to be off by about 0.00001 seconds. This is causing opus to reject the data and i cant get a point to go on for my project. Any luck on how to fix the issue or has anyone else seen this happen or dug into the data to notice it?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Hunter,

It’s a well-known feature, and I have a couple workarounds to make log acceptable for OPUS.

First one, you can record the UBX log along with the RINEX. Then, Emlid Studio joins the game: it’s possible to convert the UBX log into the RINEX with the Time rounding option as shown in the screenshot below:

It adjusts RINEX epochs on integer values.

Second one, there’s time rounding by default in RINEX logging in our latest beta firmware version. You can enable Beta updates in the Firmware updates tab.

UPD: fixed some wording

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