Reach Rs2 on PPP

How good is the Reach RS2 on PPP regarding 100+ km base statión státic correctión. Is 20 min enough for a static point to create good accuracy with a 100+ km base station? Share experiences please…

PPP involves post processing your data.

Mount the RS2 and log the latest version of rinex at 30s intervals. Thats what i used for NRCAN.
Record 3-24hrs of data.

Submit immediately for ultra rapid results that are pretty accurate, or wait two weeks to submit for the highest accuracy.

They email you a nice report with the coordinates.

I had 1 cm east and west difference, and 10cm vertical difference between Ultra Rapid and the two week Final results.

Very easy, It worked my very first time. Extremely handy service. Averaging in is great but PPP is Best.


Hi Luis,

PPP technique doesn’t require logs from the base. PPP allows the standalone receiver to achieve high-level accuracy. The final accuracy depends on the time since your survey. For example, with NRCAN, you can get the accuracy is about 5 cm on the next day and 2 cm after 13-15 days.

However, 20 minutes log isn’t enough for PPP service. You should log raw data for 2.5 hours at least.

We have a guide about PPP services in our docs. I believe it can be useful for you.


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