Reach RS2 no NTRIP correction data is sent. Compatibility issue with RTCM 2.3?


I’m trying to use the Swedish governmental DGNSS service ( to get DGNSS corrections to a Reach RS2. I’m able to connect the GNSS receiver to the mount point, but the solution status stays as Single, and there are no grey bars in the status window.

Unfortunately I’m not able to provide any screenshots right now, but I have followed the instructions ( to configure ReachView to get correction messages from an NTRIP service while using my phone as a WiFi hotspot. And as I understand it is connected to the service since the text at the bottom of the base correction tab says “Connected to[name of mount point]” in green text. However, it doesn’t seem like any corrections are being sent (or received). I’ve also been in contact with the NTRIP provider support to confirm that there was no error with the mountpoint or my account.

The service sends corrections in RTCM 2.3, is Reach RS2 able to receive corrections in that RTCM version? Also, as a test I connected to an RTK2GO service that used RTCM 3.1 and I was able to receive corrections (grey bars in the status window and solution status: Fix).

So, is the issue the RTCM 2.3 format, or do you have any other ideas?


Hi Ake,

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May I ask you to specify the firmware version your Reach RS2 runs on? You can check it in the App version section in the Settings tab of the ReachView app.

Would it be possible to attach a screenshot of the Correction Input tab? What corrections format did you choose in the Format field?

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the Reach RS2 right now. I started the thread as a bit of a long shot as I’m not sure of how much time I’ve got to solve this issue the next time I can access the GNSS receiver. If more specific info or screenshots are needed I’ll post that here in a few weeks.

I can at least say that we received the Reach RS2 in June this year, maybe 4 or 5 weeks ago, and the firmware was updated the first day it was used.

In the correction input tab, in the format field, I could choose from RTCM2 and RTCM3. I tried using both of them and if I recall it correctly it only connected to the mount point when I was using RTCM2 (which is as it should I guess since the NTRIP provider sends corrections in the RTCM 2.3 format).

Hi Ake,

At the moment, it seems like the RTCM2.3 messages the caster sends are not enough for the receiver to calculate the solution. Would it be possible to check the same service with a Mount Point that sends the corrections in RTCM3?

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