Reach RS2 failed during startup

Recently purchased 5 RS2 units. I was able to setup the first 4 without issue. During the startup process for the 5th unit the LED loading sequence started flashing either during the firmware upgrade or right as it completed. I have performed the hard reset multiple times but the unit seems unresponsive. It powers on and the blue wifi light comes on and stays lit ,but the power LEDs are constantly strobing in the loading sequence. It’s remained like this for over an hour now.

What are my options here?

It happened to me sometime ago. I figured it out subsequently.
*I bet the WiFi router/hospot you’re using (and have connected to this particular RS2) is on right?
*if yes, switch it off (the router/hospot I mean)
*turn the rs2 off and switch it back on. It should boot and broadcast it’s own WiFi because it can’t find an available WiFi router to connect to. The battery LEDs would be all be solid by then.

  • open the WiFi on your phone/tablet/computer and connect to the reach using the tutorial from the official page.
  • Open the reachview on the phone and enter the app.
  • switch the WiFi router/hotspot your intend to connect the RS2 device to( to enable you run the update to intend to do)
  • once you’re in the reachview, go to the WiFi tab and connect your device to the hotspot.
  • Check for update and run it.
    This should dohe trick.
    The bug is in the RS2 boot-freezing at the moment it connects to a known WiFi during bootup

Yeah, I tried that and it’s not working. I’m on a different wifi network but the power LEDs are still strobing indicating it’s stuck in loading. The white wifi light is illuminated indicating the unit is broadcasting it’s own hotspot signal, which I can see on my phone and “connect” to , but the ReachView app isn’t seeing it. When I open reachview it’s flashing the screen saying “We can’t seem to find any Reach receivers in your local network”

I’m really hoping a representative from @Emlid will reach out. I really don’t want to have to ship this unit back to the dealer for an exchange.

Wow! The Power LEDs should stay solid right after the unit starts broadcasting it’s own WiFi hospot. This is strange! Well, over to you @polina.buriak, this is beyond us!


I’ve just answered to your email.

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