Reach RS2 and FG for Android

You’re not alone @Africawaterdoc I’ve been testing FGA over the weekend on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 with the exact same disconnect issue with Bluetooth.

I have tried using the NMEA and Reach RS instrument settings within FGA, but the behaviour is the same - disconnects after approx 20 seconds, which make setup, let alone use, of FGA with an RS2 basically impossible.

I will also email MicroSurvey support to see what they say.

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I use a very good topography application, also on androit, it’s topview.
You can request a free 20-day trial. You can buy license for two days with paypal.


Yes, it is also in English, you just have to select the language in the last menu marked with the symbol:?

Hi @Africawaterdoc,


I’ll keep you updated.

I don t find the english button!

the last button on the right of purple that has the symbol “?”.
then click on the second option: Serial No., user …
there you select the language

There is 9 buttons below BETOP meny!

No one shows what you write!

What button do you mean?

top right, purple button.

now the second option: serial number, user …

now display language

download the application directly from the

topv page

My button is blue!

The link did not work!

I correct

Is there a english version?

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10 PRINT “Is there a english version?”
20 GOTO 10

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lol :rofl: I’m afraid it’s an infinite loop !

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I spoke to Michael Bachinski from MicroSurvey the other week about this.

Turns out the ‘infinite‘ Bluetooth disconnect issue when using FGA (at least on Samsung tablets) and connecting to a Reach RS2 are known to MicroSurvey. They are working to resolve it.


To expensive!

If anyone here hasn’t seen my other posts, FG for Android v1.2, which will be released very soon, has the connection fixed for the Emlid RS2 units, and we have been able to get them working with both RTK and NTRIP connections. Local Transformations will also be included in the release and more…


Now that’s what I’m excited about! ; )

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It’s been a while, but I have been running FG for Android for a month now and it provides all the normal functions that the Windows CE version did. It is much faster and does include localization now!