Reach RS2 and External radio modem via Bluetooth

Wondering if anyone uses an external radio modem connected via Bluetooth to deliver corrections to the RS2? For example I have a Pacific Crest XDL Rover 2 radio that can interface via Bluetooth. When connecting the XDL to a PC with Bluetooth the data comes through as a serial data stream via COM port.

I’m running the latest version of Reachview 2.20.7. In the Bluetooth tab the RS2 can see and says it connects with the XDL Rover 2. However in the Corrections Input - Bluetooth tab I see the ‘recv 111’ error and I’m not getting RTK fix (or float), single point solutions only.

To do the test I used a Trimble R10 as the base station and set it to output RTCMv3. I can confirm that the XDL was receiving the data packets from the R10 radio as I was able to connect the XDL to a PC (via Bluetooth) and view the incoming data stream from a terminal window (Teraterm).

I think one of the issues is there doesn’t appear to be a way to configure the Bluetooth input stream parameters in Reachview. I set the output data stream on the XDL to be 38400 baud, 8N1 (8 bit No Parity 1 stop bit), but have no way to match these settings in Reachview.

Has anyone had success with what I’m trying to accomplish?

TL;DR is that with bluetooth the old 2400,N,8,1 doesn’t matter.

What about capturing a raw log from your RS2 and also some RTCM3 data from the radio (using your PC)? If you do that simultaneously for a few minutes and upload here, someone can probably take a look at it for you.

edit: I think the error is most likely a connection error - not a problem with the actual data stream.

Hi Chris,

We’ve tried radios from Javad, and they worked smoothly:

So I believe Pacific Crest’s also should work, just some settings should be tuned.

I feel like you are correct. The XDL radio doesn’t use any pairing security (pin code), it simply connects when prompted. I don’t typically interface with the XDL via BT as the GNSS I normally use with it doesn’t support BT. This was just something I wanted to try to see if I could go wireless with the RS2. I will try and play with this a bit more but I don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to it.

@dmitriy.ershov do you have any suggested settings to change on the XDL? All I can really change is baud rate, parity, stop bit ect. The article you linked didn’t specify the radio data rates.

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Matt, let’s continue the discussion on connecting Reach with XDL rover via BT here.
When XDL rover is connected to Reach over BT, do you have access to its interface to configure settings of the radio?

I still have to figure out which settings to use to get ther serial cable connection to work.

Ideally the corrections are received by the XDL over UHF and then sent to the RS2 over Bluetooth link. At this point I cannot seem to connect the RS2 with the XDL directly…

All the configuration of the XDL must happen via PC separately.


We’ll have another external radio (Satel) on test soon. It’s also has both BT and Serial connectivity. We’ll write down settings that should be configured to make it work. Also, we’ll try to get a Pacific Crest radio for tests

Also, maybe the discussion about Javad’s radios will help. I’d recommend using the same settings as here:


The Pacific Crest XDL Rover is visible in the list of paired devices on the RS2 but I do not see any way to try connecting. I am pretty sure I need the RS2 to be able to start the connection to the XDL Rover device, is this even possible? The other way would be to allow the device running Reach-view app to connect to XDL over Bluetooth and then relay the corrections into the RS2 that-way…

It will not let me remove the Bluetooth devices either, if i tap the ‘X’ it spins around then goes back to the x without removing anything. The XDL rover cannot initiate the connection as it is just a device with no app or anything, it this the problem?


It seems that the issue indeed is that neither of the devices can initiate the connection. Unfortunately, Reach will only connect with those BT devices that can start the connection.

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