Reach RS+ versus M+ difference?

What is the difference between M+ and RS+ that warrants the much higher price tag for RS+? I see that RS+ has internal battery, Lora, and a few other extra capabilities on the product page but the accuracy is the same?


Static: H: 5mm + 1ppm, V: 10mm + 2ppm
Kinematic: H: 7mm + 1ppm, V: 14mm + 2ppm

Can someone highlight to me why I would want to go with RS+ instead of M+?

RS+ is a ready-to-go unit. Spin it on your rover pole and go. It comes with GNSS antenna, battery, waterproof case, and LoRa radio for RTK.

Reach M+ does not have any of those things. It is made to be integrated by the user into their set up. You have more freedom of choice as to how it is set up. It is cheaper because you are going to do some work to integrate it, plus you have extra expenses for all the other components.

Thanks bide. So they are basically the same gps unit/intel edison underneath just the RS has more accessories.

That is correct. The basic receive/compute hardware is the same.

There are still some other differences, such as I/O capability, but we have covered the differences that most people are concerned with.

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