Reach RS+ Units shutting down during survey

I received my Reach RS+ units this week. I have purchased two units, one for a base and one for a rover.

Today was the first day I was able to use them.

I updated the units as shown in the video tutorial, then set one as a base and one as a rover as shown in:

After following those steps, I went into the survey tab and created a project and began to take points. My first point I took I was able to obtain a fix solution.

After about 3 to 5 mins, I go to take my second point in a different location, get set up to take the point, press collect, then get the error ‘Rover has disconnected’.

Look up at the unit and it has shut off.

-batteries are fully charged
-this same thing happen more than once before I gave up

You might want to do a search on this… I think yours is the 3rd post on this problem within the last week or so? I’d contact the Emlid people.

Hopefully this isn’t a new problem with PLUS versions and maybe can be rectified with a update? … seems the thermal shutdown threshold is too low? Hopefully just a bad batch? : /


Dig through this one also:

Sent Emlid an email with the info, still awaiting reply.

I did a search yesterday and no one seemed to have an answer yet.

If it’s heat related, this isn’t going to work for me because Alabama is hot 5+ months out of the year.

Friday temps were in the 90s.


I’ve just sent you an email.

We are currently investigating the issue. Will keep you posted.

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I have a pair of brand new reach rs+ units sitting in the window, being tested after being upgraded (Reach View 2.11.2) and configured. Base unit just powered off by itself. Units are in an air conditioned office but are in the sun. STC temp = 46.38 deg and LTC temp = 46.15 deg. Battery at 85% charge.

I have been having the same issue!

I received my RS+ today and spent about half an hour in the house setting up tinkering around with no problems. I moved the unit outside on a tripod to start logging data. About half hour later I saw the unit had shut off. I restarted it but could not get a green status light. I had to do a PC based flash. I eventually got the unit back to normal and went to log data again. About half hour later, the unit shut off again! This time I was able to restart and get a green status light.

I should add the unit seems to be fine in the house which is air conditioned… The outside temps during the shutdowns were probably around 28°C. I started a log later in the evening and so far I have been good for almost an hour…

Is this related to some type of thermal trigger? I’m pretty disappointed I’ve had my RS+ for a few hours and running into issues.


I was able to mange about 9 hours of run time during the overnight logging session before the unit shutdown. I started logging at about 11:00pm and the ambient temp was 24°C. From there the ambient temp continued to drop, reaching approximately 16°C at 2:00am and remaining at 16°C for the remainder of the logging session. The unit shutdown at approximately 8:00am with an ambient temp of around 16°C.

Checking on the unit at around 6:30am and it still being functional, I was pretty happy. However, that was short lived as the sun started to heat things up.

Thank you all for your reports, we were able to trace down the issue with one of the customers. Right now we are testing a software update that should fix this issue. We just need to tune some of the power management components. I expect that the update will be available until the end of the week, depending on how our testing goes.

I understand that this is not nice to have a brand new product behave this way and very much appreciate your thorough and calm reports. Doing our best to resolve this as soon as possible.


Great news! : )

Many thanks Igor.

Awesome news!

I have been able to intermittently use my RS+ in the meantine with some success but just kinda curious about the shutdown and restart with no status LED and “bricking” the unit until its reflashed. I assume this is linked to the initial problem?

Hey guys,

We’ve just pushed an update - v2.11.3. It should fix the issue. Please let us know how your testing went.

Thank you for your reports and patience.


If you dont see the update, disable the development subscription and it will pop right up :wink:


This version 2.11.3 has improved Beidou performance?

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