Reach RS+ turn off by itself

I was purchasing a second pair of Reach RS+, one of the devices can not be turned on for long, at most only 5 minutes, then turns itself off
I tried it for several times, but the results remain the same
I thought maybe the battery was too low, but the battery indicator is more than 90%, then I charged using a regular phone charger, with a USB cable provided by Emlid
I charged for several hours until the orange led stop blinking

then I started turning it back on, but the result is just the same

FYI, this pair of reach rs+ never been used for months, practically never used since they were arrived.

I only check all of the parts and test them for a few hours in the first day. and then I stored them.

Is there any solution for my problem? Please tell me what to do

@itsddgwhy, Try to reflash your receiver:

Better email with serial numbers before warranty up. Seems to be a pattern here with the RS+?


Hey there,

Please drop us an email on support with serial number and order details!

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