Reach RS Power On Issues

Hi all,

i own 2 Reach RS since a couple of days, and iam very happy with the devices. Currently i Face an issue with one of the devices since the first start. If i press the Power button of this Reach RS it won’t boot. i have to Press the Button a few times until the leds light up. If i press the Power button once, the Power Led just goes on for a short period of time (250ms) and has only very low intensity, afterwards all three Leds Flash with normal Intensity and tunr of immediatly (approx. 250ms). If i press the button a few times Reach RS starts up. Any idea, why this is?

so far,

Is it charged?

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First time i also thought it isn’t charged, but Yes it’s fully charged

How do you know?

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From ReachView App.

Ok, so it boots up and run properly?
Im not sure about the hardware symptoms tough

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it is working, but just the startup sequence seems to be some kind of faulty

Or as somebody els said to me, you have a special edition, one of a kind :blush:
Sorry i couldnt be of any help here

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One of my two brand new reach rs will not power off. Pressing the power bottom does not work. Anyone know this problem?
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Please try the following:

  • Try doing a hard reset by holding the button for 15 seconds
  • After this, power on Reach and after it’s fully loaded try turning it off the normal way
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It took a few minutes after of charging again, but it seems to be working! Thanks!