Reach RS + GPS & LoRa:- Float & Fix solution status, elevation & antenna height & collection time

Just a few of quick ones:

• Where I see Float in the ”solution status” does that mean I have lost signal to the Base & should try collect that point again and can I see this status in ReachView while collecting each point?
• Is there a specific or minimum amount of collection time I need to wait between collect and accept a point?
• If I enter a name for any given point prior to collecting it is the index number viable anywhere; just for reference on field notes?
• Do I need to subtract the antenna height from its associated elevation to get actual ground level for each point or is that offset automatically applied to the elevation output?
• If I need to add additional points to a survey either after I completed it or to extend it, do I need to setup my base in exactly the same place as it was originally or can I setup the base in a different location further along my survey rout, collect some of the original points again for reference and continue taking points?
• With the previous question in mind, could I setup my base antenna on my vehicle and once I reach the GPS corrections over LoRa limits move my vehicle or set up a tripod base, retake some of the previous points for reference and continue on ?
Thanks for your help in advance.

It can mean that, but in most cases it means your rover has suboptimal receiver conditions like limited skyview. If you have good skyview already, It could also be that you need to wait a few minutes to get a fix

30 seconds for a fix is usually a nice compromise, however, in excellent skyeview conditions, it can be as low as 2 seconds.

Yes, in the resulting survey files, that can be exported from Reachview

You need the height to be able to compute the actual ground level. However, the reach uses Ellipsoid height directly from the satellites, so you will need to convert manually.

You can use a different base-location, but I wouldn’t recommend it

In theory yes, but you would need to have a way to precisely know the location of the base. You cannot do that without correction, just like with your own rover. So you will need to connect the base to an NTRIP service, and update the Base station location in Reachview for each stop.

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Hi Christian,
Thanks heaps for the speedy response.

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