Reach RS+ - External Power, Auto-On, 9-pin Lemo Connector?


I have a Reach RS+, the newer model which reportedly can be turned on and off through supplying power on the 9-pin circular connector on the bottom. I’ve seen in the docs that this feature, being able to turn the receiver on when power is applied, and off when power removed, is available through the Reachview software, but for the life of me, I can’t find it anywhere in the program. Does anyone know where that control is?

Second problem, the 9-pin circular connector, which contains serial data input/output, and external power supply input (5-40 volts, I think) seems to be similar to a LEMO connector, model 0B, but I’m not certain, and it doesn’t specify anywhere what the exact connector compatibility is. Is it true that this is a LEMO 0B compatible connector?

I know, I shouldn’t care, and just buy the adapter off of the EMLID store, but after shipping costs, it’s about $65.00, and I can probably get one much cheaper elsewhere. My local EMLID dealer ( does not have such accessories.

Any help on the connector type/size/standard, and where you control external power on/power off in Reachview, would be appreciated.

  • Thomas E. Jones

You just have to ask Emlid and they will tell you:

It is a great feature, but not that commonly used yet.

Sorry, but I don’t know the answer. They are definitely Lemo-style connectors though.

The 0B looks like $30+ from Mouser. Even if it is the right one, add shipping and some correct size cable, and then you have to solder those 9 miniature pins. Your time might be better spent getting the pre-made cable (unless you like a challenge). Be wary that you need the CBL101 plain-end type if you want to use the power pins. The other two models only provide serial (RS232) data.

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Hi @tejones777,

This feature will be implemented in the nearest future.

Even though LEMO looks similar to the 9-pin connector used in Reach RS+, it’s different and won’t be compatible. That’s why I’d recommend using cables from our store. Perhaps, you can order it from our dealer in Canada?

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Hi @tejones777,

We’ve released ReachView v2.15.4 dev update! Now Reach RS+ is able to automatically boot when power is supplied via the bottom connector.


So does anyone know what type of connector it is on the bottom? is it a limo or a fischer

It’s sort of like a LEMO but a Chinese copy that may not work with LEMO and other connectors that are supposed to be LEMO compatible.

I had actually tried five different makers of LEMO or LEMOS as they are sometimes called, to avoid trademark infringement, and only 2 out of five correctly LATCH due to slight differences in depth internally of the pins and insulator. I purchased two genuine LEMO series B, 0B sized connectors, and an old one worked (new old stock) but a brand new one from Mouser didn’t. I have a email out to a LEMO engineer now to figure out why.

I’d recommend you buy connector from Emlid. Not worth the hassle , and price of genuine LEMO much more than Emlid anyway.

Good luck!

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