Reach RS extension connector and LoRa radio

Today i received my Reach RS and it looks very good.

I have two questions:
Are there plans for ready made cable to fit the extension connector, and the type of at mating connector?

Are there plans for stand alone LoRa radio with a serial connection?

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Yes, I’ve seen the drawing for the connector, and I’m sure they will release a standalone LoRa radio, but I can’t speak as to when that will be. Hopefully sometime soon!

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I am interested too since we plan to use the units as permanent monitoring stations.

Would this be compatible?
On the Farnell website they are sold at 40€ each. Someone have found a cheaper, yet compatible, solution?

Hello. So, what type of plug i need to use with Reach RS? Can you sign part number?

We will provide cables for Reach RS extension port in our shop and post the specs of the connectors in ~2 weeks.

Regarding the standalone LoRa radios - we are working out our options, but I can’t give any ETA at the moment.


Hi Mikhail,
thanks for the reply.

Hi Mikhail
I have now bought and received 2 pieces of the CBL 101 cable but where do I find pinout - wire color / pin no.

The pinout of the RS is in the docs.

Reach RS --> Specification --> Electrical Specs

You can verify the wire color with your multimeter.

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The connector is too small to get a MM lead in to the pin. Who has the color code?

Can you provide the color code of the cable?

Hi @tferguson,

I’ve already answered your email, however, I’ll duplicate it here.

You can check the pinout of the cable in this drawing [PDF, 40 KB].