Reach RS+ cannot connect iOS devices via Bluetooth?

We have recently received one of the Reach RS+ we ordered. After upgrading to the latest system, the device worked flawlessly with ReachView on iPhone via wifi connection. However the device couldn’t connect to any iOS devices via Bluetooth, only Andriod devices are connectable.

The iOS devices did appear on the device list in ReachView app, but weren’t able to establish connection. In the Bluetooth device list in the iOS setting, Reach didn’t appear at all. This seems not mentioned much in this forum. In two threads came up in my search, someone mentioned Reach RS+ is not an Apple approved NMEA device. Can Emlid confirm that Reach RS+ is not Bluetooth compatible with iOS?

Thanks a lot.

True, will NOT work

We will order some Andriod tablets to work with the Reach then. Thanks for the confirmation.


iOS devices don’t support getting a location over Bluetooth from third-party hardware such as Reach.

Tatiana, in my experience, is correct, but I have seen things like this…

which seems to be able to get a hardwired (non-bluetooth) solution.

Interestingly, 4 years ago the same company “kickstarted” a bluetooth interface, which is here…

but it doesn’t appear this has caught on, and must have had difficulties (there’s a teaser in the first link, where they ask you to email them if you want to ask about a bluetooth solution, which usually means it “sort-of” works.)

But ditching Apple, and using Android, may be far cheaper and easier.

I just saw this…

Which is ridiculously expensive, but may be an option, if you really can’t use Android.

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