Reach RS bluetooth to iPhone for use with third party data collection using Fulcrum

Trying to set up a Reach RS as a single receiver paired to an iphone 6 (iOS 11.1.1) using the ReachView app (v2.9.3-r0) in order to use the LLH output via bluetooth to replace the iphone gps when using the Fulcrum data collection app. I am able to connect to the Reach RS hotspot through the ReachView app and have also paired my phone with the Reach RS. However, in the position output menu, all of the bluetooth options are flagged with a ‘Send error (111)’. Seems this indicates that the connection has been cutoff, even though the app says the bluetooth is connected. Anyone have ideas? I had read a while back that the Reach RS was not a verified NMEA output for apple, not sure if that has changed. Regardless, if I can use the simple LLH output as a replacement for the iphone gps that would still be a vast improvement. Thanks.

The Reach bluetooth is not Apple certified.
There are a few apps (not sure if fulcrum is one of them) that will accept position over tcp (wifi).

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