Reach rover fixing on moving animal


I would like to use a Reach rover on a moving animal.
I was wondering how well it should be fastened and how critical the fixings are to enable an accurate correction using the location logs from a REACH RS Base.
As I understand it, the location that will be logged is that of the Tallysman antenna. Hence its positioning on the animal is critical. But what about the IMU of the rover? Does it need to be placed in a specific position? Can it hang loosely in a harness if the antenna is well attached? Is their a specific orientation that is recommended according to the X, Y, Z axis?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello Jerome, now you’ve got us all curious! Do you require the heading of the animal? If you’re only tracking and not somehow autonomously controlling the animal,:wink: the IMU doesn’t matter and can hang loosely in a well protected place. Tell us a bit more. Send some pics! This sounds interesting.

Hunting dogs?

Dear Brent,

Thanks for your reply. Actually the idea is to put them on grazing cows to investigate grazing behavior in heterogeneous grasslands.
I’ll post some pics as soon as I have some trials running.

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Sounds interesting! Keep us posted!

I should have asked earlier, “Do you need to know the orientation of the animal’s body?” This is where the IMU would come into play as well.

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You mean like finding out which is the sunny side of the cow, or if they like to point south when they sleep? You know, to try and correlate cow orientation to: sloping ground, wind, magnetic field, and/or heavenly bodies? This could be amusing and interesting research! :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

I though that IMU was used by reach during the RTK processing? If it is the case, the IMU should move the same way that the antenna right?



@Brent_W ,

Are you actually using the IMU data? Could you advise us a method to do so?

I have found different posts about it… I think the development of a user friendly way to accessing the IMU is on the ‘to do list’ of @emlid team since a while.

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