Reach Power Source

hi, i would like to know, how connect the reach rtk to power with df13 ports.
please send me the photo!!

thanks, but i don’t understand.
I want to know what pieces to buy
etc etc …
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The cables/wires come with the REACH module. You need to buy a power supply that puts out 5 volts, 2 amps, OR you can buy a USB backup battery that puts out 5 volts, 2 amps. These items are very common. You could also connect the REACH module to your USB cell phone charger or the USB port on your PC.

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thanks a lot.
but if i wont to connect the reach with cable df 13, which power i have to use?

I assume that the Power Module sold on the EMILD web store will also be safe to power the REACH Module via the DF13 ports? The spec page for the Power Module only mentions the Navio2.


Reach DF13 port pinout is not fully compatible with the power port on Navio.
If someone wants to use Navio\Pixhawk power module with Reach it is necessary to cut all wires except for 1 and 6.


Any 5V\1A power source will do. Even the USB power bank - simply cut the usb cable and wire it to the DF13 cable.

thanks, but i don’t know how cut and connect the df13 on the sub cable.
can you send me a photo o tutorial?
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Thanks for your feed back. I don’t use it with Navio2. I need reach as stand alone. So does this mean the Lipo power Module sold on the EMLID web shop will not be suitable without that modification you mentioned?

@v.muscio picture of connector pinout is available in the docs. Connect 5V wire from a power source to the 5V wire of the cable, connect GND likewise.

@jcampen This power module is for Navio, so yes, to use it with Reach it has to be modified.

thank you sir