Reach NMEA specific format "On" or "Off"

I am using two reach gps.

Is there any way that I can receive specific format like “GPGGA, GPRMC”?

If emlid reach doesn’t support it, Is there any one who knows how to make it?



Reach does send GPGGA and GPRMC messages. What are you trying to achieve?

Sorry. I mean “Is there any that I can turn off some format without GPGGA, GPRMC” ?

Cause I am beginner in programming and using reach for my project.

And I am getting same information(same lat, lng) 2 times sequently, so I want to turn off the others besides of that I need.

Most of the NMEA implementation just do a regex on the NMEA strings they need, basically filter out what they want to parse on the client side.

Ok. Which means there’s no support in reach selecting specific filtering like the Garmin 19x HVS that I used.

Thanks for your replying :slight_smile:

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