Reach never get fixed

Hmmm! What do you think about that rover pic @TB_RTK?

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ok got it . i will test it . thanks so much !!

oh… i think i would try a better groundplate, at least with flip of the bowl turning down and not up.

my sentiments exactly. the concave surface is a multipath nightmare. if there is no straight metal for a ground plane, then the convex side should perform much better.

so you guys suggest that i should flip the bowl , turn it down , not up right ? i will do that . thanks so much ~~


direct signal from satellite = Great
signal from satellite reflected in same direction = not great
signal from satellite reflected in reverse direction = Bad


I think @bide has drawing skills :grinning:


got it thanks !!!

Dear Sir,

          we have tried as you told me , but it seems  not working as well , here is the log file , <a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/original/2X/1/"></a> (1.9 MB)

can you tell me how to improve this ? (1.9 MB)

RTKPLOT results

Top row is base, bottom row is rover. From left to right: Sat Vis, SNR/EL, Position

  • the rover log is 16 minutes
  • for the first 4.5 minutes there are no corrections from the base, plus a large base movement right after they start (08:01:26)
  • there is a period of good reception for 5.5 minutes (08:01:26 to 08:06:47)
  • there is a period of bad reception for 4 minutes (08:06:47 to 08:10:47)
  • there is a period of good reception for 2.2 minutes (08:10:47 to 08:13:00)

After looking at the logs, you would be likely to get a fix in the 5.5 minutes of good reception, and you would be lucky to get a fix in the 2.2 minutes of good reception. This means you must avoid the interference which caused bad reception. If there was no interference you probably would have had good results.

From left to right: Reach RTK solution; RTKLIB PPK solution (continuous AR, combined); RTKLIB PPK solution (fix-and-hold AR, combined)

Above, in the solutions, we see first that the Reach RTK solution had a lot of float and only 2% fixes, but given more time or less interference, you would have achieved consistent fix status. Secondly, we see that the PPK with the benefit of forward and backward combined solution with continuous AR increased to 50% fix status. And thirdly, we see that switching to fix-and-hold AR increased to 70% fix status.

ok got it thanks !!!

my result is allittle bit different from yours . is that ok ?

beside , i want to show the info of RMS , but i dont know how todo that , can you tell me ? thanks !

my results is allittle abit different from yours .is that ok ?

In RTKPLOT, Edit, Options, Show Statistics --> ON

Sure, that is fine. Maybe you have a different RTKLIB version, or maybe some setting is different than mine. Your result looks much better than mine anyhow! :slight_smile:

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Dear sir , how do i save the corrected gpx date ?
i tried to save it as gpx, but dont work ,here is the steps what i have done .
file -save waypoint —ok .
when i try to open it with edit , nothing in it .
did i do something wrong ?

In RTKPLOT, you can not do it that way.

Waypoints are created manually:

  • Use the mouse to drag and zoom to position the crosshair over your point.
  • Select from menu: Edit, Waypoint.
  • Click Add to create a waypoint (waypoint 1).
  • Again, use the mouse to drag and zoom to position the crosshair over your point.
  • Again, click Add to create a waypoint (waypoint 2).
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • When finished, select from menu: File, Save Waypoint
  • Now your GPX file will contain your added waypoints.

However, I think you should find a different way to convert the POS file to GPX, or perhaps you can import the POS file directly.
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got it thanks~

Dear sir , i found it difficult to get fix by using the free nrtip service ,how do i sovle this, we need the realtime fix, post process can get fix ,but it is not that suit for us , what if i change another RTK Antennas ,does that help ? do you have an suggestions ?

You can upgrade your antennas. It will help. BUT - you should be able to get fix with the antennas you have, so I fear that a new antenna will not make enough of an improvement. It must be something else.

How many times have you tried? For what length of time did you try? Do you have any other log file that you can share? Can you get more satellites from NTRIP provider? Beidou / Glonass / Galileo??