Reach Magnetic Variation output (Re upload)

As I used the GARMIN 19x HVS gps, it output the magnetic variation in $GPRMC packet.
But when I tested with the REACH, it doesn’t.

And I searched about it and find out that if a gps doesn’t calculate, it will just out null.

Is it right that reach doesn’t calculate magnetic declination(or variation)?

I do not think that we support that. As we do not output magnetic heading, there does not seem to be a need for this feature.

Magetic Variation has nothing to do with heading.
It means Magnetic north and True north difference angle as I searched!
So, if Emlid want REACH to be used in mobile robot project, it must support this function. I recommend you to search it on the “Ros - localization”

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: