Reach M2 with ZED F9P (RTKLIB - str2str)

Hello everyone. Recently I have been doing tests with Reach M2 (Rover) and a ZED-F9P (Base) module integrated to an MCU with RTKLIB CUI str2str.

I have not obtained FIX solutions

str2str -in serial: // ttyS0: 115200 # ubx -out serial: // ttyS1: 9600 # rtcm3 -p -13.541239941 -40.64661978 220.35 -msg "1006, 1074, 1084, 1094,1124"

Is there any recommendation for Reach M2?

# 1 -msg “1006 (10), 1074 (5), 1084 (5), 1094 (5), 1124 (5)”
# 2 -msg "1006 (1), 1074 (1), 1084 (1), 1094 (1), 1124 (1)
# 3 -msg “1006 (10), 1074 (10), 1084 (10), 1094 (10), 1124 (10)”


I think i see one issue 9600 baud, if your using all constellations you need to at least be up in the 19200 baud area, or better.

If the correction data has to buffer it may be to old. The F9P manual says that latencies should be extremely low. I think it was 500ms or less.

So if the data is sitting in buffer, it gets stale before it can even be used or sent out, it will have too large an error and never fix.

In UBX software Check your nmea txt field in message view, see if its popping an error.

Then in UBX check message view, ubx, monitor, then i think its serial or something like that. It will show all of your input and output buffer usage. You want to keep the bars low as possible.

Also check what is configured to output, gsv can sometimes flood an output making it useless.

What firmware on the F9P?

The corrections between the Emlid and F9P should be apples to apples if everything is updated.

I like the F9P, but its no cakewalk. There are really way way way to many things to mess up or forget. Emlid did an impressive job at making it usable, understandable, integration friendly and repeatable for everyone.


The firmware is the most current, I am testing several options. I increased the baud rate to 115200. I will evaluate the results. I will soon bring the results.

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