Reach M2 status screen is blank for long time in open sky

Reach M2 device is kept in open sky but no data is receiving status page is blank

please share solution link if possible, I am new user of this device

My set up

No GPS data in open sky condition ,status screen is blank with no latlong field and no status
can you share old firmware of Reach M2 before 2.22.5

It seems to have stopped

Hi Chandrahas,

Do I understand correctly that this issue happened after the update to the v2.22.5 version? Have you tried other power sources and other USB cables to make sure this is not the issue with the lack of power supply?

I have checked the system report that you shared in this community forum thread and I can’t see any prior indication of overheating. The unit works at the temperatures of 65 degrees which is alright. Could you please specify if you experience the issues on satellite reception on the latest dev version v2.23.7 or on the latest stable v2.22.5 version?

Regarding the reflashing issue that you reported in this community forum thread, would it be possible to specify if you tried different USB cables and different USB ports on your computer?

It’d also be helpful if you could share the screenshot of the Device Manager while Reach M2 is connected to the PC.


We’re currently looking into the system report and the flasher logs that you shared. I’ve deleted your system report as it might contain sensitive information.

To help us determine the issue further, please, share the results of the following test that I’ve described to you in PM:

  • go outside with Reach M2 and GNSS antenna
  • make sure the antenna is positioned correctly according to this guide
  • check if on the Status tab there are visible satellites
  • record raw data log and position log for at least 10 minutes

If you have another GNSS antenna, please, run the same test with it as well. The logs will help us understand what happens with the unit. I’m afraid we don’t provide links to the previous firmware versions for the reflashing.

You can upload the data from your tests to any of the file exchangers like WeTranfer and share the link with me.

Hey there,

Just wanted to give you an update that we’re currently looking into the issue with the satellite reception on Reach devices. We’ll need to check the unit ourselves to see what could be causing this. I’ll update you once there’s news.

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