Reach M2 RTK setup - mode and constellation

Hi, I’m setting up an RTK base and rover configuration using two M2 units based on this guide:

However, I have some questions:

  • What is the difference between setting the base station’s RTK positioning setting as “Static” compared to “Kinematic”?

  • From different resources I have read, they talk about setting GPS+GLONASS or GPS+GALILEO. What are the advantages or disadvantages, if any, of setting the three constellations on base and rover (GPS+GALILEO+GLONASS)?


  • Static will optimize how the chip calculates as it assumes immobile receiver.
  • There is no disadvantage to track more constellations apart from bigger raw observation file size and some post processing systems that only accept certain constellations in the input files (I’m looking at you, OPUS).

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