Reach m2 problem with signal lost


thanks for the support so far. ive received the replacement unit on 31st dec 2020. however i had encountered this problem after updating the firmware. I have updated to v2.24.2

is this normal?

reach m2 prob



From your video I am still not sure what the issue is. Can you make a more detailed report in writing here?

Hi @remi,

As I can see from the video, the gray bars indicating the base’s satellites are jumping up and down sporadically. Is it the issue you wrote about?

What do you use as a corrections source? Is it an RS2 unit transmitting RTCM3 messages via LoRa?

yes. that is the issue. i think someting is not right somewhere.

i am using ntrip connected to a gov correction server. i guess it is connected via web right?

thanks for spotting the error.


Yep, that should be so.

Could you please post a screenshot of the Correction input tab while Reach is connected to an NTRIP? Please click on the “∨” button located right from the Connected string. It will allow me to check the RTCM3 messages that are coming in.

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