Reach M2 pairs but refuses to connect to any devices

I have paired my reach M2 with both my Windows laptop and my Android phone and it pairs quickly with both of them but will not connect. How do I connect it?

Sidenote: On my laptop I have the bluetooth connected to a COM port.
Also I have done the same thing with an M+ and It works flawlessly

Hi Tay,

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Before we narrow it down, let me specify some points. When you connect to the unit’s hotspot, do you see the device in the list in ReachView, or is it empty? Do you receive any messages while trying to connect if the device appears? Please tell me your Android device’s model, Android version, and the ReachView 3 version.

When you use a Windows laptop, do you work with Reach Panel via the browser? What message do you receive in this case?

Also, when does the device start to behave that way? Did something specific occur before that?

The Bluetooth module shouldn’t affect the connection cause you use Wi-Fi for that. As for M+, can you connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network and check their availability in the app again? You can read how to do it via Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot.

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