Reach M2 module to version 2.22.5 update failed

I tried all day today to update my Reach M2 module to version 2.22.5 using the Reach view app.
It takes a long time, the progress bar goes up to approx. 60% and then an error message appears every time.
What is the cause of it not working?
The module has been configured so that it is integrated in the WLAN network and can communicate.
Thanks for your replies!

Hi Fred,

Any chance you can try another Wi-Fi network?

Hello. I am new here and just trying to update an M2 from 2.22.3 and getting the same result noted above also. Why would a different WiFi connection make a difference?

Hi @mlyon,

That’s just needed to eliminate the possibility that it’s a network issue.

I’d also recommend placing M2 near your Wi-Fi router while updating as the Reach inbuilt Wi-Fi module is a bit weaker than Wi-Fi modules in a phone or a notebook.

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