Reach M2 hot shoe trigger event rate

There doesn’t appear to be an answer to this question anywhere in the forum, but what is the maximum trigger rate for the Reach M2? From the Emlid documentation and the ReachView user interface it appears to be one trigger per second, but there are a dozen posts suggesting that people are triggering much faster, e.g. 5Hz. Hope someone can just give a clear answer. Please don’t use the word ‘epoch’

Base 1Hz and Rover (Drone) at 5Hz. We ran 10Hz (GPS/GLONASS only) on the rover before and it didn’t affect the results enough to make the double-sized files worth it.

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Can I ask you what application requires that high rate of camera triggering?

There are three ways to trigger the camera with Reach M2. The triggering via autopilot and triggering via camera options can offer higher rates depending on your devices. These ways of camera triggering are recommended because they are more straightforward to set up than the Reach Trigger. So even though the maximum rate with Reach Trigger is 1 Hz, higher rates are achievable with other solutions.

Here, you can find more information:

Csanad, photogrammetry flights. I can shoot much faster than 5fps but I can currently live with shooting at 5fps. Just want the M2 to be able to capture hot shoe events at that rate.

Michael, thanks for the response.

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