Reach M2 / Antenna phase center

The Doc say:
“phase centers’ offsets for L1 and L2 are 0.032 m and 0.037 m respectively.”

Can you confirm reference is the base of the antenna (ground plane surface).


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Hi FredoWatertracks ! Most phase center offsets are usually from the base of the antenna or another point as specified from the manufacturer. I’ve got the helical antenna for my M2’s and have tested against known passive stations and have PP with using the closest CORS in my area (<30km). After entering the phase center offsets in my commercial PP software, I’ve gotten good results in both the horizontal and vertical components, usually less than 5cm. I’ve since bought two Harxon antennas as they are listed in the NGS calibrated antenna database.

I’ve been meaning to do an exhaustive test on the helical antenna to verify the offsets but just haven’t found the time.

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I’m also really interested in the answer to this question.

Currently I am operating on the assumption that the base of the antenna is the antenna reference point for measuring phase centre offsets. I would love to have some confirmation for that.

Regards Al.

You could do the verifying yourself. It would take several days of minimum 5 hr occupations in clear sky. Pretty simple except it takes an inordinate amount of time. You would also need a good commercial PP software package as well as a known point, i.e. first order accuracy.

The simplest way would be to contact the manufacturer.

Hi everyone,

The Reach M2’s antenna reference point is situated on the bottom center of the antenna.


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