Reach M+ timestamp feedback

Hi there,

Currently, as far as my knowledge reaches, there is no visible feedback for a timestamp trigger on the Reach M+.

We are a new user and we are installing the Reach system on our VTOL system for PPK use.

It would be very handy to have a visible feedback for testing purposes on the Reach M+. This way it is very easy to check the cables are connected, the timestamp function working, etc. Right now, i think the only way to test is to power up the whole system, wait for GPS fix, walk around and take pictures with the hotshoe connected. Pretty impossible with a 2.5 meter wingspan 10Kg VTOL plane and very time consuming.

For example, one of the LED’s could blink to indicate a timestamp trigger has been received. Or maybe show on the app?

Is it possible to integrate this feature?

Thanks in advance.

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For real-time tests of timestamps trigger you can use Camera control tab of ReachView. In this tab you can see the time of the last event.

Check this docs entry for more info:

It says:

You see the time of the last event for real-time debugging. Only works with GNSS satellites in view for time synchronization. An event is triggered by driving time mark pin down, usually by a camera hot shoe.

So it will only work outdoors, with GNSS satellites in view.

What I talk about is a quick check to verify the cabling, the hotshoe connection, etc.

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