Reach M+ stuck in [time sync] during the first setting

Greetings everyone.I got a new M+ ,but it can not through the [time sync]. I have checked out all the topics with the same problem, but I still cannot solve it.

My problem is as follows:

1.Can not pass the time sync;
2.Can not open to update;
3.I don’t know how to check the firmware of M+;
4.I checked the M+ doc, in the first setting , M+ can set without the antenna , so I try to set M+ only connect the WiFi in my house, but it’s failed.

Can anybody help me?Thanks.

OMG! I solved this problem by following this page
just Reflashing the firmware of M+…it worked.

Hi @Ikaros,

Welcome to our community forum!

Yes, the Time Sync Issue was just fixed in the latest stable and dev releases.

Thank you for coming back and reporting on resolution!