Reach M+ Questions

I was looking at your upcoming Reach M+ and it looks very interesting. It would be great if you can post some usage examples with existing Navio2 and how this works without needing GCP Corrections a block diagram without GCP would be great. What would the precision of the GPS be ?

Is there an integrated version of Navio2+Reach being designed so we dont have to buy 3 separate products for getting RTK precision (Base , Rover , and Rover autopilot)?

Look forward to some documentation and publications.



Hi Sundara,

Navio2 + Reach integration guide is available here:

For Reach M+ it will basically be the same.

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As the Intel Edison is no longer in production, what will be the nanocomputer of the Reach M+ ?

@zipang now we are using our in-house developed module - Neutis N5.

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I read the specs… great !
Thanks to support Linux.