Reach m+ or m2 with phantom 4pro 2

Hii all… I am new here…
I am a surveyer using phantom 4pro v2 and make gcp point with Trimble rtk gps.
I want to use the m+ or m2 to get acuressy gnns and make less gcp.
I want to ask if i can use the m+ with the phantom and get ppk data in rinex format.
Dose this pruduct work standalone and no need for network and how ensure the time taking the pics and saving the ppk are The same?
Thanks for more informations…

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Hi Nsem,

It seems like we’ve been in touch over emails. Let me post my answer here as well.

DJI ecosystem doesn’t allow easy integration with the third-party GNSS equipment. You can check out the forum for the custom examples of such integration from our users, but we can hardly recommend using them.

Also, please note that to record time-marks, Reach needs to be integrated with the drone’s camera via hot-shoe. Unfortunately, DJI Phantom camera doesn’t have a hot-shoe, so there is no easy way to integrate them with Reach for saving time marks.

With these drones, it’s better to use Reach RS+ survey kit or Reach RS2 survey kit for placing GCPs .

All Reach receivers are capable of obtaining centimeter-level accuracy only in RTK and PPK.

Reach M+ should be connected to a camera shutter via the hot-shoe to ensure the synchronization with the camera. The time of each photo is logged with a resolution of less than a microsecond.

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