Reach M+ Network Issues

I have just spent the whole evening trying to get a new Reach M+ to work.
By work I mean:

  1. Power up.
  2. connect to local network
  3. connect to ntrip server
  4. be visible on my network.

I did the whole thing ONCE.
then I powered down the unit and it will not now either:

  1. see the network, and therefore spawns a hotspot, or
  2. connects to the network, but does not either allow reachview or a web browser pointed at its IP address to see it.

This was sooo easy with the Reach RTK unit. but seems a pain with the new unit. Any pointers???

Also please confirm the pinouts for S1.
The colours of the wires go absolutely contrary to any scheme I know of. Pin 1 (GND) on your diagram has a red wire attached, and pin 6 (VCC) has a black wire.

Hi Simon,

here’s the pinout scheme for Reach M+:

It is those pinouts that directly contradict the wire colours of the supplied connector.
But I will go with those.

Dear Simon,
If you look carefully on the white plastic connector shell:
There is a small “printed” dot near black wire ( this is the pin 1)
I connected my reach M+ with black to 0V and red wire to +VCC (5V)


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Thanks Rene,
You have saved me frying my unit by following the instructions.

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