Reach M+/M2 bluetooth connectivity

Hello, I am looking to make an application where I want to connect to my Reach device via Bluetooth on a smartphone but I was wondering if it’s possible to establish the connection to the receiver without needing to download the ReachView app and logging in there first?

I think you will need to have the app regardless just to setup the receiver but once you get it set if you can leave the configuration the same you will not need to go into Reachview. We run FieldGenius with NTRIP and I haven’t opened Reachview in a while. It was the same thing when corrections were via bluetooth and a local base.


Hi Nikola,

Michael is absolutely correct. You need ReachView 3 in any case. It’s the only app that allows you to configure the Reach device’s settings. But once the settings are configured, they stay the same after each restart of the unit.


As stated above on the app.

You can also use Lefebure NTRIP and mock locations which enables your phone/tablet to use the RS2 signal as an “internal” or Android GPS.

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So there is no way to use the Reach even as an OEM and let’s say bypass the app and configure it with some of my own code if I have to, so that I can just use the data but not go through the software

No, all of the configurations have to be done via the app. That’s the only way to do it.

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